Stevie Buckley


Who am I?

Hi. I'm Stevie Buckley and I USED TO help companies with talent stuff.

These days I'm extremely busy running Honest Work.

I started life many years ago as a web developer however that career didn't last long as I missed interacting with actual humans and had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had a destructive obsession with blink and marquee tags.

For the past ten years, I have been helping startups and tech companies improve and scale their hiring process. 

NICE things people have said about me because social proof


“Stevie is one of that elite breed of team-builders who are empathetic to those whom he hires and the companies for whom he hires. In action, this magic sensibility leads to the construction of rock-solid, happy, productive teams and successful startups.”


“Stevie has helped me tremendously in my business. Over the years, I have asked his advice whenever I was unsure how to recruit, and it's always turned out to be exactly the right thing to do. Both in terms of getting excellent people on board, and feeling morally the right way of doing it.”


"Having Stevie is like having a big fuzzy blanket that you can throw over your team."

Paul Bowsher - Technical Lead at Government Digital Service

"Stevie has a fantastic knack for spotting talent and forging real connections with people. I've had the pleasure of both being hired by him and having him help build my team. He goes out of his way to welcome and help onboard new hires, ensuring his friendly face is one of the first they see.
He's definitely one of the most helpful people I've encountered in my time in the Tech industry, and all round a really nice guy. I've worked with him twice, and wouldn't hesitate to do so again."

Brad wright - CTO of Verve

"He's ok I guess."

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Building Honest Work
Chat shit on twitter

things i USED TO do

Hiring developers, designers & product people
Setting up simple, effective, hiring processes
Crafting effective job descriptions
Employer branding
Improve diversity & inclusivity in your company

things i Don't do

Act professionally on twitter
Wear suits
Work 9-5


Recent clients, london

Initially hired for three months to help expand their engineering team, I was asked to stick around a bit longer due to significant growth and demand. Along with helping to hire multiple permanent and freelance developers, I helped Unmade source and hire a new CTO and have assisted other teams in the business with their hiring process.

Verve, London

I joined Verve at a critical point in their growth where they had just hired a new CTO and CPO and needed to build new engineering, product and design teams from scratch. I helped scale those three teams from zero as well as implementing a number of improved policies and processes.

Ometria, London

I was brought in to implement brand new hiring, interviewing and on-boarding processes in order to facilitate future growth in the business.

Memrise, Haplo Services

Ad hoc consultancy services to help with difficult roles and stale processes.

Previous employers

Potato, london - Head of People

Lyst, London - Director of Talent

Venntro Media Group, London & Windsor - Technical Recruitment Manager

Volt Europe, London - Lead Technical Recruiter

TelstraClear, New Zealand - Business Development Manager

Web WOrkhouse, Cork - Web Developer


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