Part time

In many cases companies struggle to justify employing someone on a full-time basis to address their hiring needs. One of the few alternatives is to hire me for one or two days a week where I can either work on-site or remotely (your choice) to help you with your ongoing needs.

Short term

I often find most companies need one-off adjustments or someone to implement brand new hiring, interviewing or on-boarding processes in order to facilitate future growth. Companies such as Ometria have previously hired me on a contract basis for three to six months in order to address these needs.


Long term

I've helped companies like Lyst and StreetTeam considerably scale their employee numbers. At Lyst I helped them to grow from 25 to over 100 people in 18 months and at StreetTeam I helped to establish brand new engineering, product and design teams from scratch.

ad hoc

I appreciate that sometimes all that's needed is to have someone sanity check your companies hiring or interview process to ensure it's as good as it could be. Get in touch and we can discuss my availability and costs to see if both work for you.